Jinhold Hotel

The proposed hotel & serviced apartments seek to attract a niche clientele consisting of business travellers, transit passengers and airline staff. Its proximity to the Miri airport is certainly an overriding advantage.

This development is also the latest addition to the chain of hotels & serviced apartments owned by Jinhold in KL, Kuching, Bintulu and Miri. It seeks to exude a more contemporary, innovative and refreshing image to make it unique among its contemporaries. This transformation signifies the `coming of age’ of the company’s hospitality business venture.

As such, the architectural design process has been an attempt to exemplify these qualities among others:

  1. To create an urban oasis which exudes a sense of tranquillity through the introduction of greenery and water. There is also this blurring of the boundary between the inside and outside. This is especially evident on the Ground floor where there is a large expanse of semi-enclosed terraces flanked by planters and a central court with water feature. Meeting rooms meant to be rented out for corporate events and rooms for other leisure activities on the 1st floor are surrounded by pools and gardens. In line with the above, most guests’ lobbies, lounges and guests’ corridors are to be naturally ventilated. Hotel rooms and apartment units are based on the open layout concept in which the spaces are less compartmentalized. Selective apartment units are lit by air-wells which bring in natural light.
  2. To create a meaningful spatial narrative through the use of architectural elements like screens, water features, planters, the introduction of natural light and the selective use of natural materials & finishes. Screens and architectural elements are strategically positioned to create a variety of spaces that are public and intimate.
  3. To create a seamless integration between the interior design and the architectural design framework in a muted but elegant manner.