Keranji Bungalow

Keranji House, a small bungalow at Tabuan Jaya is home to a big-hearted family with a love for adventure. The client wanted to connect with their lush green surroundings and share their home with their extended family of rescued cats and dogs.

Four large existing trees became the pivot of the whole design. Around these trees, private spaces were set into two distinctive pavilions, connected through soft breathable links of open walkways, galleries and shaded terraces.

On approach, a veil of laced bricks hovers over a reserved front; a mask from which one could privately peer out from. As one passes this threshold, the home immediately softens, opens up, and embraces her people into the heart of the house; the garden.

This house reflects the essence of tropical living. It shades, it breathes, it welcomes the outside in and embraces the elements. Permeability is expressed consistently through a play of laced bricks, concrete blocks, steel screens, timber and glass; Permeable to the elements, permeable to the residents.