One Tree House

Completed: 2007

The site had a mature tree on it, so we planned the house around it. Two wings; one for the kids and one for mum and dad.

The L-shaped plan meant that most of the house is one room thick; with good views and cross ventilation, In the children’s wing, the gallery walls are angled to catch breezes, and glimpses of the street.

We designed this house as a series of experiences – crossing the pond to arrive home, entering from under a low canopy to the heightened entry hall; from the compressed ‘pentas” under the stairs to the tall kenduri” terrace. Experiences which we hope will evoke in the owner a sense of familiarity with a time past; free spirited and open to suggestion, carefree yet self-assured.

Most definitely, his children would benefit from this experience; and in time, yearn to return to this.