Roof House

Design Statement for The Stapok House

This is one of those houses which we design for a young family, of about 300 sqm and built for under RM 1.0 Million – in one of the many suburbs in Kuching. The site is a typical developer sub-divided plot without many redeeming qualities nor views, excepts for their neighbours’ fences.

A simple 4 x 4.5 metre structural grid is used to simplify the construction and to devise the layout – which is a series of served and service spaces. The served spaces are mostly along the north facing side of the house, where a generous roof overhang provides a shaded outdoor space. An open sided courtyard is carved out from the building envelope to provide natural lighting, airflow and views for the living spaces and entrance hallway.

The storey heights are relatively low at 3.5 and 2.8 metres; this is adequate as the ground floor is the soffit of slab while the first floor ceiling is vaulted following the roof profile. This gives opportunities for the internal spaces to be visually linked, adding expanse and interest to this compact family home.


Client: Adeline and Alvin

Project team: Claudia Law, Min (MinWee Architect)

Engineer: Wee Hii Khoon

Builder: RAK Development and Construction Sdn. Bhd