Song House

This is an urban bungalow in Kuching. The brief was to have a modern tropical house which is naturally ventilated, lit, open yet secure.

The design intent for this house was to embrace the natural elements and to harness the sun and wind as part of the living experience.

A series of parallel north-west/south-east planes or spines organize and layer the living spaces. The planes are either punctured or pulled apart at various sections to harvest light and air.

To draw in continuous breezes and make spaces breathe, two ‘wind funnels’ were inserted at opposing ends of the house. One, a double-volume screened entrance foyer with a permeable floating balcony and the other, a floating staircase open to the elements. Both funnels are also integrated with water-bodies to further cool down passing air and then screened to filter direct eastern / western sun-light and for security.

Light is drawn into the building through large fenestrations, forming most of the external skin. A big roof hovers over the home like a big umbrella, sometimes overhanging up to 8 metres. On first floor, a sky-light lights up the central circulation spine that feeds the bedrooms and connects the two wind funnels.